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Name: Company:

CMJNPaulo Silva
Cabbage Patch KidsKonami1984
Candoo NinjaMass Tael1983
Cannon BallHudson Soft / Japanese Softbank1983
Cannon FighterPolicy1984
Cannon TurboBrother Industries1987
Caos BeginsHikaru Games2007
Captain ChefNippon Columbia / Colpax / Universal1984
Captain CosmoNEXA1984
Car FighterCasio1985
Car JamboreeOmori Electric Company (OEC)1984
Car RaceAmple Software1983
Casio GamecaseJAM2002
Casio World OpenCasio1985
Castle ExcellentASCII1986
Castle TombAG Software2009
Castle, TheASCII1986
Caverns of TitanJosé Luis Tur2005
Chack'n PopTAITO1984
Challenge DerbyPony Canyon1985
Champion BoxingSega1985
Champion Ice HockeySega1986
Champion Pro WrestlingSega1985
Champion SoccerSega1985
Championship KendoSega1986
Championship Lode RunnerDoug Smith1985
Cheat MasterMSX-Engine19xx
Cheating WifesCrappysoft2005
Checkers In Tantan TanukiPony Canyon1985
CheeseNipon Electronics1984
Cheese 2 - Sanno CgNipon Electronics1985
ChessB.U.G. Inc.1984
Chess MasterPhilips1985
Chocobo RacingSousouke2004
ChoplifterDan Gorlin1985
Chuckie EggA&F Software1984
Circus CharlieKonami1984
City ConnectionNippon Dexter1986
Classic MinesweeperKaroshi Corporation2004
Classic PongKaroshi Corporation2004
Coaster RaceSony1986
Cockpit, TheNidecom1987
Cold BoodPaxanga Soft2010
Color BallHudson Soft1983
Color MidwayMagic software1983
Color Tochika - PillboxMagic software1983
Come On! PicotPony Canyon1986
Comet TailASCII1983
Comic BakeryKonami1984
Compile GamecaseJAM2002
Computer BilliardsKonami1983
Computer Music ComposerRittor Music / MCS1983
Computer Nyuumon - Computer LessonsCasio1985
Computer OthelloSony1984
Computer PachinkoJWD Corp.1984
Computer WarsCrappysoft2004
Con-DoriCross talk1983
Confused ?The Bytebusters1986
Cosmic AvengerColeco1982
Cosmic BattleVendetta2005
Cosmo ExplorerZAP / Sony1985
Courageous PerseusCosmos computer1985
Cow AbductorsPaxanga Soft2009
CrazeHeart Soft1988
Crazy BuggyCrappysoft2005
Crazy BulletASCII1983
Crazy CarsTitus1988
Crazy MSX FrenchiesJipe of the MSX Café2007
Crazy TrainKonami1983
Cross BlaimdB-SOFT1985
CrosswordAl Alamiah1985
Cubic DuelConcrete Digital Designs2010
CustarHAL Laboratory1984
Cyber CommandUS Government2010
Cyborg ZZemina1991